The AND ME Difference

A proven workshop, NOT a story

  • AND ME educates athletes with cutting edge information and empowers THEM to be a positive change in their community.  
  • AND ME does not use scare tactics or tell one specific story to all athletes.
  • AND ME is a workshop, not a key note speaking presentation.

In Person

  • Every session is facilitated in person, by AND ME founder Nico Darras.
  • Sessions are 45-60 minutes and the men are fully engaged through dynamic questions and participation methods.
  • AND ME is opportunity for male athletes to learn and dialogue in a safe space.
  • Nico Darras creates meaningful dialogue and answers tough questions that athletes have.


  • Before getting to campus, Nico Darras will speak to key stakeholders including: athletic directors, coaches, staff, compliance departments and legal experts to understand the current state of your campus and community.

Created By An Athlete For Athletes

  • AND ME is the only program in the nation designed by a division 1 male athlete, for elite male athletes.
  • AND ME was specifically created to address complex issues that elite male athletes face on a day to day basis.


  • As an elite male athlete, Nico Darras is relatable. Understanding key terms like “locker room talk” and “toxic masculinity”, Nico Darras is able to reach male athletes in a way they can understand.
  • Meeting the athletes where they are is absolutely critical to the success of the AND ME curriculum.

Rooted in Research

  • As an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut while playing on the baseball team, Nico Darras majored in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies.
  • Nico Darras attended the University of San Diego’s Masters of Social Innovation program. At the University of San Diego, Nico Darras researched and wrote about the link between elite male athletes and sexual assault.
  • Nico Darras has been identified as an expert in the field of Men and Masculinities.


  • The AND ME training program is fully compliant with both the Clery Act and Title IX.
  • AND ME has been reviewed by lawyers, district attorneys, police officers, detectives, athletic directors, sexual assault crisis center professionals, researchers, insurance industry experts and athletes.
  • AND ME goes far beyond just “checking the box” on compliance and creates real culture change.