Vetted by Experts - Trusted by Athletes

AND ME has been reviewed by lawyers, district attorneys, police officers, detectives, athletic directors, sexual assault crisis center professionals, researchers, insurance industry experts and athletes.

AND ME goes so far beyond just "checking the box" on compliance and creates real culture change.

AND ME uses the most up to date data from organizations including:

  • Rape Abuse Incest National Network
  • Center for Disease Control
  • U.S Department of Justice
  • Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention Center

Customized AND ME programs focus on nine key topics

Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence

Sexual Hasassment

Rape Prevention

Rape Culture

The Bystander Effect

Sexually Transmitted Infections



"Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. When you’re engaging in sexual activity, consent is about communication—and it should happen every time."

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

Consent is a corner stone of the AND ME curriculum.

Understanding what consent means, and how to use affirmative consent in male athletes every day lives, is an essential part of AND ME training.

Consent brings up questions that are answered throughout the AND ME experience including:

  • "What if we are both drunk?"
  • "Can I have sex with someone who's been drinking?"
  • "How do I actually ask for consent?
  • "What does consent mean?"
  • "Do I have to ask for consent every single time?"
  • "Can a woman actually rape a man?"
  • "What does coercion mean and why does it matter?"